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There are copies available to loan: sygn. P.4034/6, P.4034/5, P.4034/4, P.4034/3, P.4034/2, P.4034/1, P.2392/3, P.2387/3, P.2386/3, P.2385/3, P.2384/3, P.2382/3, P.2381/3, P.2380/3, P.2379/3, P.2378/3, P.2376/3, P.2374/3, P.2372/3, P.2371/3, P.2369/3, P.2368/3, P.2367/3, P.2366/3, P.2365/3, P.2364/3, P.2363/3, P.2362/3, P.2361/3, P.2360/3, P.2359/3, P.2358/3, P.2357/3, P.2356/3, P.2354/3, P.2351/3, P.2350/3, P.2347/3, P.2345/3, P.2342/3, P.2341/3, P.2340/3, P.2339/3, P.2338/3, P.2337/3, P.2336/3 (46 egz.)
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