There are copies available to loan: sygn. P.37329, P.36861, P.35790, P.35788, P.35330, P.35329, P.35328, P.34396, P.34217, P.34215, P.34214, P.34213, P.34212, P.34211, P.34207, P.34206, P.34205, P.34204, P.34202, P.34201, P.34200, P.34199, P.34198, P.34196, P.34195, P.34192, II 30199 (27 egz.)
Czytelnia ogólna
Copies are only available in the library: sygn. II H 54 Czyt., II H 53 Czyt., II H 51 Czyt., II H 52 Czyt. (4 egz.)
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